Sunday 14 December 2014

Port El Kantaoui days 4 & 5

Day 4
I woke up in such an awful mood this morning, I was tired, freezing cold and not in the mood for anything, I finally got out of bed around 10:30am, I got washed and ready and went for a walk around the hotel market which consisted of 3 stalls full of junk. Today being the best weather we have had so far I though it was the perfect photo opportunity and took a few pictures of the hotel before heading to the shops with mum. I picked myself up a cute two zip MK purse for only £5.34. I was starving by now as I had missed breakfast and headed straight to lunch. Lunch wasn't amazing but as always there was something to eat... Chips...
unedited, view from the reception balcony
After lunch it was time for the beach, although the weather was better today it wasn't the normal 30°C I normally have when I go on holiday but it did. The sea was beyond freezing, so cold it actually hurt my feet and legs being in there but I braved it out went in up to my neck before running back to the sun lounger to soak up the sun. It started to get chilly about 3pm so we went to the snack bar, got a pancake and headed back to the room. This whole time I was sill in a terrible mood and just wanted to sleep. I ended up going to dinner alone as I didn't want to be around anyone. Dinner was awful, not a single thing I'd eat and I am honestly not a fussy eater at all. I ended up eating just ice-cream. After dinner it was time for the hotel entertainment, it started off with a super long game of Bingo where every number was called out in English, French and German! After Bingo the real entertainment kicked in. I got asked to be part of it and expecting a fire breather I reluctantly said I'd take part. Little did I know that the real entertainment was a guy laying on blade while I'd stand on him and putting nails on his back, belly, head and hand whilst people stood on him. I unfortunately don't like many of the pictures of me that were taken but here are a few. I had an amazing night. 

Day 5
Today being Sunday we went to the Sunday market 2km outside of Sousse. We were expecting a souk but when we arrived it was a locals jumble sale with junk, junk and more junk! There were piles of dirty looking clothes with loads of locals pulling at them, digging for the best items. It was a complete shock to the system and I couldn't believe how people online had said how amazing this market would be. It is safe to say we got in the next taxi out of there, back to Sousse where we went into the shopping center and I picked up some more gifts as well as a cute Hello Kitty carm for my bag and some Michael Kors sunglasses. 
We wasn't out for very long, we even made it back for lunch at the hotel. I love and I mean love calamari and on the menu was... calamari! I can easily say the hotel's lunch is the best meal of the day here. After lunch mum & I went for a walk down the shops to check out what they had for offer. I ended up picking up a cute little D&G purse for £1. We got back to the hotel and it was nearly dinner time, after dinner we had a few drinks, played BlackJack and then went up to the room and watched two movies as there was no hotel entertainment.

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