Thursday 18 December 2014

Port El Kantaoui days 6, 7 & 8

Day 6
Monday was the hottest day of the holiday, mum & I decided to go on the petit train. We went twice in Agadir, Morocco so it was nice to do it in a different country. Unfortunately it didn't show us anything, it was the same route the taxi takes from the hotel to the Sousse Medina. It was nice to have some fresh(ish) air and see everything a little slower and not through a dirty car window. We got off the train and went for a little walk, I picked up a super cute Hello Kitty beach towel and a navy blue hair bow, we then jumped on a different train back towards the hotel before getting a taxi the rest of the way. The rest of the day was pretty quiet and yet again there was no hotel entertainment so we watched movies.

Day 7
Tuesday was our last full day in resort and it was pretty hot. We decided to do one last bit of shopping before heading to the beach to make sandcastles like a child. I even got in the sea. Knowing I'd be going to the hairdressers after I washed my hair in the sea, forgetting I only dyed my hair three weeks ago so got red hair dye all over the hotel towel, as the sea was so cold I thought it would be the perfect time to go in the pool, so I could say I did it. It was still cold but did feel so warm compared to the sea. I went and had a shower, put on a nice dress and headed to the hairdressers in the hotel where I got a wash and blow dry for £8.27. After my visit to the hairdressers it was time for dinner, I was dressed up as it was our last dinner at the hotel. It was the best dinner too, the theme was FISH. There were four types of calamari and of course I had a bit of each. The entertainment wasn't any good so we had an early night with a film as we had to be up early for our flight home.

Day 8 
When the alarm went off at 6:45am I could have easily turned it off and rolled over and slept for a few more hours but I couldn't. I got up, got washed and did the last of my packing before running down to breakfast. Once we got back from breakfast we had no time for anything, we went down to check out and the coach arrived within 5 minutes, we were a full coach as both the Gatwick and Birmingham flight were at the same time. We arrived at the airport and I had 20 dinar left to spend and I found myself a lovely Chanel purse. We went through passport control and it wasn't a long wait until we could get on the plane. It was nice to know I was on my way home even if it was cold a rainy in London. 

So this was my last holiday of 2014, I've had an amazing year of travel. I've been Cardiff, Amsterdam, Birmingham x 2, Kos - Greece, Magaluf - Spain, Agadir - Morocco and Port El Kantaoui - Tunisia. I am looking forward to 2015.

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