Friday 6 March 2015

Bucket List: 17: Get A Pet

17: Get A Pet 

Number 17 on my Bucket List was to 'get a pet' yesterday I went to a doctors appointment and close by was a fish store so I decided to pick myself up a new goldfish and a onion snail.
Both have already settled well and the other goldfish already look after the youngest. I thought they'd bully him as he is a lot smaller than the others but he is always first to eat and isn't swimming alone. 
he is the tiny silver and gold one
The onion snail isn't getting bullied either. I know my goldfish are always hungry and love to eat whatever I put into the tank so I'm glad they have not tried to eat him and put him the bottom of the tank but woke up this morning and he is on the wall at the back of the tank.
The other side of his body

Sorry for the awful photography, it is very hard to get a good focus when the fish swim so fast and I have an air pump.

Have you got a pet? 
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  1. Oh man I would love to get fish tank fr my kiddoes.

  2. So I had to Google onion snail. They're so cute, I love their shell pattern. Glad all your fishies are playing nice and getting along with each other :)

  3. I am amazed at people who have snails and fishes for a pet. I liked holding my pets and you can't do that with a snail and a fish. :)

    1. This is the best I can get. Mum doesn't like cats and I don't have the time to look after a dog haha