Tuesday 3 February 2015

My Bucket List - 30 things before I am 30

There comes a point in your life when you finally realise life is too short to sit around watching TV and not getting out there seeing the world. I recently fell in love with the quote about and it has inspired me to write a bucket list. 

I thought I'd break my bucket list into two lists. 
I'm am 21 at the moment so I've got 30 things to do before I'm 30. 21 of which I hope to complete before I'm 22 and the other I'd like to complete by the time I'm 30. 

Bold: 21 things I want to do before I am 22 (End of September 2015)
Italics: 9 things I want to do before I am 30

  1. Lose weight (35kg)
  2. Get a new tattoo {link}
  3. Bury the hatchet with someone
  4. Get a car (pink if possible) {link}
  5. Do something 'out of character'
  6. Meet another famous person (not a Z-lister)
  7. Go on a road trip (UK)
  8. Conquer one of my fear (spiders, bees/wasps, insects, bacteria)
  9. Go on a last minute trip with no itinerary {link}
  10. Be a tourist in my own city (London)
  11. Travel to at least 3 European countries in a year
  12. Go to ICE bar/hotel (UK or Sweden)
  13. Do some modelling/have a photoshoot {link}
  14. Travel to at least two Scandinavian/Nordic countries
  15. Make a difference to someone's life
  16. See the Northern Lights (or at least go to Iceland) {link}
  17. Get a pet {link}
  18. Go to a concert/festival that I'm not working at {link}
  19. Eat something new, that I've never tried before {link}
  20. Have one day with no mobile/laptop, kick it old school
  21. Read four books in a month
  22. Fall in love and get married 
  23. Have a baby
  24. Buy my own house/get a mortgage (in London)
  25. Take mum back to Orlando, Florida and be able to pay for everything 
  26. See the 7 wonders of the world 
  27. Get a job after university 
  28. Be a God parent 
  29. Travel around Asia, mainly Thailand, China and Japan 
  30. Go on a road trip (USA) 

Things that have been on my bucket list for years but I've already completed in my 21 years on earth. 
  1. Swim with dolphins
  2. Travel to America
  3. Go Disney World Florida
  4. Go to university
  5. Start to lose weight
  6. Travel with friends
  7. Watch the sun set in Ibiza
  8. Dye my hair a 'crazy colour' 
  9. Party/get drunk in a different country
  10. Make friends with someone who lives abroad
  11. Attend a film premiere
  12. Go to a foam/paint party

I'll keep you updated and write whenever I do something off my bucket list.
Do you have a bucket list?
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  1. I love your bucket list.
    Some of those are what I want to do :D

  2. I'd love to go glamping! And also get a mortgage in London though sadly unless there's a massive housing crash I doubt I'll ever be able to afford it

  3. Really good bucket list!
    I must say though, being 28 years old now, I had a pretty ostantatious list myself, and trust me Most of them will be pushed aside.
    There are too many big things to do in a short time.
    Good luck to get through them! :D


  4. What some amazing things - I am so close to 30 it is scary, thankfully I've done some of my bucket list but not that much perhaps I'll make it by the time I am 40 lol.

    Look forward to hopefully getting an update in September to see if you made your 21 before 22 and best of luck! Enjoy xx

  5. Wow that is one fantastic and long bucket list! Still, you have nine years to achieve it so it sounds do-able and what great things to aim for. I'd love to swim with dolphins, you lucky thing!

  6. such an awesome list! I need to make one of these! I love that you put things like "do something out of character" and "bury the hatchet with someone" - it's good to have intangible goals and growth goals not just things and losing weight you know? great post!

    http://storybookapothecary.com - stop by and chat!

  7. Love your list! I want to get a tattoo too but I am a chicken!

    XO, Rachel


  8. You have some really good and fun things in this list, i wish you good luck for them :)

  9. Somehow I feel, whenever I make a list I never end up doing any of those things. All the best to you. Some of these things have been on my bucket list too for ages.
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  10. reckon u can easily hit a few of them by planning a spontaneous trip to Europe :D

  11. wow I thik 35kg is too light! :o
    Anw I can see you set up many goals! Thats very great ^^ Hope you can achieve everything soon^^

    Thanks for sharing <3


  12. This is such a wonderful list, not just because they're great but also realistic as well :) I really liked how you included the second list as it's interesting to see what you completed already :) Hopefully you;ll be able to do everything on your list! x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  13. We share some items in your bucket list. I also want to go on a road trip, learn spanish, lose weight!

  14. I'm a huge fan of to-do lists and adore taking them a step further and creating bucket lists like this one. I love all the things on yours - Especially the tattoo! - And I'm so impressed by what you've already accomplished!

    My current bucket list includes TONS of traveling and publishing my writing. Good luck to us both! <3 GIGLove

  15. You're only 21 now and has planned till your 30! Wow....
    And you swam with dolphins before? Where? Omg, it sounds amazing! And, what's glamping?

    1. I swam with dolphins in Florida at Discovery Cove. It was about 10 years ago though. I'd love to do it again.
      Glamping is like camping but you have electricity and a few home comforts.

  16. some nice quote for the beginning. start travelling at your young age or never. and btw, get some tattoo is also my bucket list :D

  17. Fab list. What pet are you planning on getting?

  18. Fab list. What pet are you planning on getting?

  19. theres a lot that are in your list too :D tattoo is definitely a top one but I'm scared lol

  20. I love the quote. :) There's so many interesting things on your bucket list. Good luck!

  21. me to, I want to loss weight before my birthday this year 9 dec :(
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  22. That's so cool that you get to go to a foam party!! =D I wanna go on a road trip too! =)

  23. woohooo some of ur item is exactly what I want to doo!!good luck babe!

  24. That is such a great bucket list. I want to swim with the dolphins, too. Hope you are successful dear :) GIG love :)

  25. Oh girl !!! This is a great bucket list. I hope you're going to make it before turning 30 :)