Wednesday 11 March 2015

Sneaker Freak: 3

This seems to be on my blog more and more. I've bought new trainers again. I'm starting to think I need to go to trainers anonymous! Yet again they are Nike and white. I think I have a thing for white Nike trainers!

This time I've gone for all white, which are perfect for my holiday to Cyprus in July. I'm going to try real hard to not wear them often until then so they stay clean. They just look so perfect at the moment I don't want to ruin them.
Do you have an addiction to footwear? 
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  1. They're lovely! I really wish I could pull of trainers. I'd love to see how you would 'dress them' if that makes sense?

    Aj x

  2. They look great, not a fan of trainers, but if I do wear them, they have to be white!