Wednesday 8 April 2015

Models Own Sardonyx review

 Before I even start my review of this varnish I have to say how in love I am with the bottle. Packaging for me is big part of whether or not I'll buy a product and this won me over instantly.

I really like this varnish, although it is part of the velvet goth collection it has that red and glitter Christmasy feel to it. 
Sardonyx is definitely a shade you need two coats with. The first coat just doesn't give it that wow factor that a second coat gives it and although they are designed to be worn matte I can't wear any varnish without a topcoat, giving it that shiny/glossy finish and making the glitter sparkle that little bit more. Without the top coat there is a small textured feel but nothing compared to many textured varnishes I have used in the past.

I'll be honest I was surprised how easy it was to remove, I often find with textured varnishes it can be a nightmare to remove them, little bits of glitter go everywhere and they stain around the nail but this was pretty good and easy to remove overall, on both false nails and my own. 

- Great consistency 
- Good brush
- Can be used without top coat
- Lovely shade
- Amazing bottle
- Great at Christmas

For me, this isn't a shade I'd wear on every nail. I wore it over Christmas on my ring finger with my false nails. I got so many compliments but it still isn't an 'every nail' shade for me.

Have you tried the Velvet Goth collection? 
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  1. Oh I'm a nail varnish addict. Beautiful glittery colour.

  2. I love glittery nail polish. The only thing that Ifind with the majority in the past that they come out streaky. But this looks beautiful :) xx

  3. wow.. such an unique shade..never seen anything like it before! This polish as base and some stamping with white will look amazing!

  4. now i know what is the function of that manicure palette. XD
    btw, the color is so amazing and beautiful!

  5. Loving the Dark Red colour. Perfect for this season. Have to go buy this totally!!

    GIG Love
    Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  6. That's a plus point that it is really easy to remove glitter nail polish! I would be on a look out for this product =)

  7. wow this is pretty colour...shiny perfect for xmas!

  8. The colour looks so gorgeous and I love the packaging. Thanks for the lovely review dear :)

  9. I actually haven't tried any models own nail polishes. I love this colour and definitely get the christmassy vibe as well :) x
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  10. I love how the colour looks without the flash.. I'm not sure how I feel about the glitter though but what sweet packaging that is :)


  11. wow! such a gorgeous shade. I love models own nailpolish all the way!

    GIG Love,

  12. ive got this one in the navy shade and love it! this ones beautiful too

  13. Wow that is a super ruby red! It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland kind of haha, her shoes. :)

  14. I haven't tried the brand but I keep on seeing great colors from their range!

  15. One thing I miss after my baby are my long nails. You cannot have them for the fear of hurting the little one. Oh I'll wait for them. Giglove.
    - Heena,