Tuesday 30 June 2015

5 Wants Under £20: ASOS Curve

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Today's retailer in my 'five wants under £20' is ASOS. I adore ASOS Curve, I've been a fan for a while now and I love the fact they have so many plus-size brands under one roof. I decided to stick to ASOS/ASOS curve items instead of branching out to all the different brands they stock and there were my faves. I actually wish I had the money to just buy everything. It's a hard life being a student! 

1. Open Triangle Double Cuff Bracelets: £12 - I've got a bit of a thing for bracelets at the moment, I'm growing a bit of a collection. These are super cute.

2. Tunic T-Shirt with I Don't Need LA Print: £16 - Who needs LA? I don't ;) I lied, I wish I was in LA right now! I love this tee so much.

3. High Waist Legging in Disco Rib: £18 - I have a few pairs of disco leggins and a girl can never have too many. I don't have any ribbed ones and these look super cool.

4. Legging With High Waist In Shimmer Disco: £16 - Same as above. I love disco leggings, they complete so many outfits and look great with a peplum top. I really want this pair.

5. T-Shirt with Champagne Foil Print: £18 - I wish I lived a champagne lifestyle but truth be told my student budget barely stretches to cava but I love this tee, so cute! I really like the colour too. Perfect for a lazy day/ dress down day.

Do you have any wants with ASOS? 


  1. I am IN LOVE with that Champagne Diet top loving slogan tees right now xxx

  2. Love the leggings in shimmering blue. Now I need a man to take me out!

  3. I love the tees I've never looked on ASOS before but I deffo need to now!

    Kirsty xx


  4. I am loving no 5. Cute tee shirt.

  5. Some really good bargains here! I love the bracelets! I have a problem where some bracelets make my skin go that funny green colour so am on the look out for some that wont.

    Laura x x x