Friday 19 June 2015

5 Wants Under £20: BooHoo Plus

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Today's plus-size retailer is Boohoo. Just like MissGuided I was super excited when they got a plus-size range and I've bought so much stuff. 

1. Daisy Large Gingham A Line Mini Skirt: £8 - As I've lost a little bit of weight I'm trying new things and I really want a mini-skirt and this is gorj.

2. Rochelle Hangover Slogan Oversized Hoodie: £18 - Every girl needs a hangover hoodie! I normally wear a massive hoodie and my Disney pj bottoms and lay on the sofa all day feeling sorry for myself. This is perfect.

3. Lucy Nothing To Wear Slogan Tee: £10 - I always moan that I have nothing to wear as I'm throwing my entire wardrobe on the floor looking for what I really want so this top is perfect for me. I'd be pretty rich if I had £1 for every time I said I had nothing to wear and I'm going in my birthday suit.

4. Emma Contrast Panel Skater Dress: £18 - I LOVE THIS DRESS SO MUCH! I've said it before, I'll say it again panel dresses are perfect on girls with curves, they hide the sins and show of how curvy you are and the fact this is a skater dress adds to how flattering this dress is. At £18 I really need this in my life.

5. Isabelle Tartan Shift Dress: £18 - If you've been reading my blog for a while you'd know how much I adore tartan/check. This dress is just perfection!

Have you got any wants from Boohoo?


  1. I love boohoo! The panel dress looks really flattering! X

  2. I love, I probably have 50 dresses from them already xx

    celia from

  3. I haven't ordered from boohoo in a long time, I love that "nothing to wear" t-shirt!


    Georgia Petite

  4. I love that hangover hoodie.....I have a hoodie for those days but not one that states what it is. Love it x

  5. I actually placed an order with boohoo for the first time in ages last week! I got a white kimono, but it's not the best of fits :'( I'd love the hangover hoodie though, even though I rarely get a hangover!! LOL

    Louise x

    With love from Lou

  6. Lovely selection from boohoo, I love the Emma contrast panel skater dress - so cute!

  7. I love the number 1, bohoo is awesome, I can't log on it because I go crazy... hehehehe

  8. Number 5 is my favourite, I think it's so stylish and pretty. I would happily purchase all of these items and wear them all, you have great style picks girl! :D

    Liv! |

  9. Boohooo have some great stuff in at the moment. xxx