Wednesday 24 June 2015

5 Wants Under £20: Forever21+

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Today's retailer is Forever 21+, they have to be my favourite plus-size store ever. I love the concept behind Forever 21+, I feel like they don't care about standards. They make bikinis, short shorts, crop tops and all other things that most people would say "you're too fat to wear" and I love that. I'm 21 not 91 I want to look sexy and wear what everyone else is wearing!

1. Stone Washed Denim Dress: £19 - I've been wanting a denim dress for a while now and this one is perfect, I love the length and I really want it, like now!

2. Fit & Flare Scuba Knit Dress (Pink): £15 - I'm a massive fan of fit & flare dresses as they're like skater dresses & a line dresses and they flatter me so well, I love hot pink so this is perfect for me. I know I'd get this dress from other retailers for double the price so to me this is super cheap too.

3. Zippered Knit Leggings: £12 - I've been looking at these online for a while now and I really want them, they're not very good for this hot weather but they're perfect for Winter.

4. I Glow Graphic Tank: £12 - I love this, 'I don't sweat, I glow' I love summer but being a larger lady summer does not love me so this would be perfectly funny.

5. Mesh Tokyo Graphic Top: £12 - I have a thing for mesh tops at the moment, I don't want to get my tummy out but love the fact it still shows a little flesh, it is totally on trend at the moment and love it.

Have you got any wants from Forever 21?


  1. I LOVE the fourth top, thats absolutely gorgeous and perfect for summer holidays :D xxx

  2. I absolutely adore the Tokyo top. One more thing to covet then.

  3. I like the pink dress. Looks lovely and fab for Summer outings. R

  4. Ooh love number 4 'Glow Graphic Tank' would be perfect for the gym! Thanks for sharing hun
    Charlotte x

  5. I love the leggings and the I don't sweat I glow top. I love that Forever 21 do a plus size range because sometimes the normal range just doesn't come up big enough. x

  6. I love number 4! Not only is it my kind of style it would hide my wobbly bits just perfectly.

    Laura x x x

  7. I like the dresses and the Tokyo top. Very summery!

    Serena /

  8. That 'Tokyo' top is so stylish. I love it. Love your blog too.