Tuesday 23 June 2015

Blogging Tips: What Stops Return Visitors

I can't act like I have 1000s of readers who are loyal and read my blog daily but I know as a blog reader there are so many things that put me off reading a blog again or even giving the blog a second chance. There are loads of blog posts that tell you the obvious things like 'lack of content', 'slow/unattractive theme', 'being the same as every other blogger' and more but these things (listed below) are my personal pet peeves and I'm sure others will be annoyed with them too. 

I will refuse to return to your blog because of one of the following....

Pop ups 
It could be a pop up that is an actual new window pop up or a tiny pop up that says to add all your social media. It annoys me! It annoys me more when I'm half way through reading a post and it pops up because it has taken a while to load and has made the page slow. I know it is a quick click of the X to get rid of it but I shouldn't have to. I won't even bother finishing off reading the post I'll just exit the blog all together.

Bundles of adverts 
I have adverts on my blog, most blogs do but don't over advertise. There is no need for it. I can't stand animated things that catch my eye anyway so when I see adverts to the left, adverts under the blog post and then adverts to brands that you're advertising/ being an affiliate with it really 'grinds my gears'. 

This is the same as above, I can't stand every other word being a link, fair enough we all need to link from time to time but when 50% of your words are links it becomes very spammy and I'll just remember the blog as one giant advert. Some bloggers may need to make money from their post but there is a fine line between trying to make a few extra bucks and just spamming the readers with loads of paid links. 

Automatic music / videos 
This is a massive NO. Just don't do it. I'm pretty sure gets annoyed with these. They make the page slow, they hurt my ears and scare me if I forgot to turn my speakers down and can ruin songs I'm already listening too on my Mac. Most of the time it isn't even music I'd listen too which annoys me even more and then trying to find the button to turn it off/mute it takes time and once again I'll exit off the blog/page quicker than Usain Bolt runs the 100 meters.

SLOOOOOOW page loading (including slow pictures)
My blog loads slow sometimes and I know it's due to my oversize high KB pictures and I'm trying to change that but when I load any websites, not just blogs if they run slow I'm leaving! I'm so impatient it's unreal. I hate when I can only see half a picture of a blank box because it is taking so long to load my Mac has just given up trying. 

A bad comment system
So this won't necessarily stop me from coming back but it will stop me from bothers to comment. I will never comment on a blog with a captcha, it annoys me so much I want to scream just writing about it. I will also not comment on a blog if they have a comment system that takes ages to load or is difficult to find.  

are there any reasons that would put you off a blog/website?  


  1. Interesting read. I can say I agree with most of the things you state here :) However I don't mind ads and links since it's usually a way for the blogger to get some money which is understandable x

  2. Great post and good tips! I will be stopping by again my lovely, no worries about that! For me it's insincerity, are they writing for their readers or PRs ( I am a PR, so I always have to consider sincerity) I loathe pop ups too. I just want to be entertained and connect, not pitched or sold an image, the media industry already does that well enough xx

  3. the same, interesting read. I totally agree with you and I actually think I should work on one point from your list. A critique is good. Thanks fot sharing this.



  4. I really dislike comment systems that require you to fill out a passcode to leave a comment. It really puts me off.

  5. I really enjoyed this post. I can't proclaim to have the perfect blog but captchas and music drive me insane as well!

  6. I so agree with you, I have been to so many blogs where the comment system have been a totally mess and it doesn't say anywhere where to comment, where to put your name etc. That's why I use Disquis cause It's really easy to use and most blogs have them.

    I can't stand pop ups either, it's okay with a subscribe pop ups on the side of the blog but when it comes to adverts in popups and other type of pop ups that make me cringe and I quickly leave the page. Great post xx

    Celia from http://brandobeauty.uk

  7. Ohh this is really interesting to read. I always look on how i can improve my returning number of visitors. Will take these suggestions on board x

  8. Great post lovely.
    I'm not a fan of automatic music its really annoying especially if you don't expect it lol
    I think an annoying commenting system does my head in especially if I have to figure out the cryptic word
    Thanks for sharing hun
    Charlotte x

  9. automatic music and video annoys the hell out of me especially when I'm playing my own music in the background

  10. Spot on. Blogs that may it so difficut to leave a comment is so off putting.

  11. Yes I agree with what your saying! I need to get my blog to load up a little bit quicker.

    Katie x


  12. I totally agree. That Automatic music drives me crazy. I've stopped following quite a few blogs because, whenever I wanted to read a post, some really loud K-pop just started blasting from my speakers, gave me a shock every time hehe.
    Loevens makeup rambles