Friday 31 July 2015

MAC: What's New Ruby Woo?

It isn't hidden from you guys that I adore MAC as a brand, and after a friend bought me Russian Red a few years ago I've not bought any other brand of lipstick. 
Yesterday I had a little trip to Oxford Street and no trip to Oxford Street is complete withing popping in to the MAC store, as always it was busy but I knew what I wanted. I wanted a matte Ruby Woo lipstick. The reason I decided to jump ship from my beloved Russian Red and get Ruby Woo is because so many friends swear by it! Everyone says to me that Ruby Woo is more vibrant and once I've tried it I'll never go back to Russian Red. 

After just one quick use, for the purpose of this post it is fair to say I've fallen in love again! I'll always adore my Russian Red and when it runs out I'm pretty sure I'll purchase it again but Ruby Woo has taken my heart. 
You can check out Ruby Woo and other shades online here
Have you tried Ruby Woo before? If so do you have a review for me to check out?  


  1. Really nice shade on you! - I'm trying to wear lipsticks more often and it looks so lovely on people, but I'm currently sticking to nudes and natural tones.

    Meimei xx

  2. I've always heard about Ruby Woo and it always looks amazing on people but I haven't ever tried it. I have Russian Red which I adore, maybe when that runs out I will pick this one up. It looks beautiful on you by the way!

    Georgia x

    Georgia Petite

  3. I really think it suits you! The MAC Ruby Woo is my favorite red lipstick (as you can read all about it here. I recommend Lady Danger as well, my perfect red shades! I'm going to buy Russian Red now, a lot of girls adore this shade so I'm intrigued. Great post girl and loved the pictures

    Dash Xx

  4. Russian Red suits you perfectly. The lipstick looks stylish and elegant. I tend to go for rose-beige tinted lipsticks myself.

  5. I love this shade. It looks great on you. MAC lipsticks are my fave x