Monday 10 August 2015

HOLI ONE Colour Festival

On Saturday the girls and I attended HOLI ONE Colour Festival at Wembley Stadium, I've never been to a colour festival so I was super excited to be going! Holi Festival originates from Inida and is often known as the festival of colour or festival of love, during the festivities people throw coloured powder to celebrate good overcoming evil. 

We turned up a little on the tipsy side after going for a bite to eat and drink and picked up our 5 powders that came with the tickets. We arrived to everyone telling us we were too white and pouring colour over us. People were adding water to their powder so the powder turnt to a paint and actually stuck to you (as you can see from our picture below)

We never stayed for too long as it got a little boring so we went to the local supermarket, picked up drink and munchies and sat on the grass talking, listening to music and chillin.

Overall we had a great day but we could have been in our local park and had the same great day, I was lucky we got our tickets from Wowcher as some people paid £30+ for the same ticket as us which would have been a total waste of money! 
Have you ever been to a colour festival before or would you attend one?


  1. This looks like such a blast! I am in USA not sure they have them here but would love to go. What an experience. My husband went to India and had fun at a holi festival there.

  2. ive never heard of this before but boy it does sounds amazing! wish i lived near london :(

  3. At first I wondered what on earth you were drinking. :) I then read it was paint! looks like lots of fun!