Tuesday 29 September 2015

Guest Post: Top Tips For Natural Looking Makeup

Hi everyone, it's Beth from La Blog Beauté. You may remember my last guest post Benefit's Some Kinda Gorgeous  which I wrote for Charlene little over a week ago and I'm back again with another post to share with you all.

I'm the kind of girl who doesn't like her makeup to look caked on - ever since I first picked up a makeup brush, I have always been the same. As I went through my teenage years, I experimented with different makeup looks, like all girls do, but I always preferred a more natural look. From time to time, I go for a look that's a little more dramatic - this is normally when I am heading for a night out, but most of the time I like my makeup to be as natural as possible. 

When we choose to apply our makeup in a way that looks natural, we are able to accentuate our features. We live in a world where every image in magazines is Photoshopped and celebrities use apps to perfect their selfies - Kylie Jenner, we're looking at you, and it's hard not to get caught up with wanting to look perfect.  

By all means, cover up that spot or hide that blemish, but don't cake yourself in an inch of makeup. Believe it or not, when applied properly, natural looking makeup can be ten times nicer than foundation that's caked on - well, I think so, anyway.  

Want to master the natural makeup look? Here’s all my top tips for the best natural looking makeup:  

Cleanse your skin
First things first, cleanse your skin. If you want to create a natural makeup look - or any makeup style, for that matter, cleaning your skin beforehand is a must. I tend to use my fave cleanser, Forever Living’s Aloe Hand & Face Soap because it cleans my skin without drying it out.   

Apply moisturiser and primer   
Once you skin is clean and dry, the next step is to moisturise and apply your primer. I kill two birds with one stone by using a moistursing primer - you can buy it here. As I have dry skin, I find that using a moisturising primer is a better option for me.   
However, what you choose to use is up to you, just make sure to moisturise, as well as priming your skin before applying any makeup. Moisturiser is crucial as it will prevent your skin from drying out, and primer is a must as it will act as the glue for your makeup, keeping it in place for longer.   

Top tip: If you suffer from skin that’s super shiny, opt for a primer that mattifies, like Rimmel London’s Fix & Perfect Pro 5 in 1 Primer.   

Foundation or BB cream?  
The next step is to choose the perfect base for your skin - as you are creating a natural look, this should be as light as possible. You can either opt for a foundation that gives light coverage or a BB cream, it’s up to you.    Personally, for a more natural look, I think that BB cream is the best option. However, I rarely suffer from spots or blemishes, so I don’t have very much to conceal. Foundation and BB cream both work well, it’s just a case of personal preference.   

Conceal any problem arrears   
Just because you are going for a natural look, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use concealer. Use a good concealer to mask any imperfections, like dark eye bags - I suffer from these and hate them with a passion.   

Set with powder
To set your base and concealer in place, apply your fave powder. If you suffer from shiny skin, consider using a matte finishing powder.   To ensure that my makeup looks as natural as possible, I tend to opt for a translucent powder, instead of a coloured one. Rimmel’s Clear Complexion powder is amazing for this, it’s my go-to powder product.   

Don’t forget your eye makeup   
For a natural look, I tend to go for eye shadow that’s as neutral as possible - bronze coloured shadow tends to work well. Anything that’s too bright and bold will take your look from natural to night out, which is not what you want to do.   

I always wear brown kohl eyeliner - I have never got on with liquid eyeliners and black eyeliner just doesn’t suit my pale complexion. You can opt for whatever style of eyeliner you like, just as long as it’s nothing that’s too dramatic.   

For my eyelashes, I curl them and then apply my favourite mascara - Benefit’s They’re Real mascara, in black. I only apply a couple of coats, as I don’t want to make my lashes stand out too much.   

Pop some tinted lip balm on   
I’m not really a lipstick kind of girl. However, I am a real lover of tinted lip balms and crayons - I absolutely love these. For a natural look, I tend to wear my Laqa & Co Bees Knees Lip Lube pencil - you can get it here. For a natural look, lipstick is a big no-no. However, a tinted lip balm is ideal. 
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  1. I think a primer is a great way of getting a good base for a natural look. Great tips

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  3. The natural look is a perfect every day look.
    Bb cream, concealer, light blush, thin eyeliner.... No need for a flick, mascara.... That's it, job done. Out the door.

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  6. I am having real issues with my makeup as my skin changed so much after I had my daughter. I wish I had the time (and money) to try to find makeup that suits my new skin - natural is the look I go for most. I am going to follow these tips =D

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