Friday 2 October 2015

New Shoes: RI white embellished plimsolls

 Yesterday I treated myself to these beautiful shoes, the second I saw these white embellished plimsolls in River Island I fell in love. Actually, I fell in love with the black pair but I knew I needed to get out of my comfort zone of black shoes and opted for the white pair.

I can't stop looking at them, I love the fact they shine in the sun and I've had so many compliments in them, only down side is they kill! Ideally you need normal trainer socks but you can't wear them as they show over the top of the shoes so I wear the small socks that you wear with dolly shoes and they rub the back of my foot something rotten! I'm hoping over time they'll stop rubbing because I love looking at them and they compliment every outfit! 

Have you seen these shoes? Would you wear them? Have you got any tips to stop them rubbing the back of my heel?


  1. I love any post that leaves me a question so first of all thank you for that its feels more like a conversation. I haven't been clothes shopping in an awfully long time so no I haven't seen them but I do like the fact that are white and simple. x

  2. you could try blister plasters? Or perhaps those gel things you stick in the back of the heels? only problem is the shoes need to be big enough for the extra space...

    They look pretty though

  3. I love sparkly shoes! You can buy gel inserts that stick on the back of shoes that may make them more comfortable

  4. Glad you went out of your comfort zone! Nice purchase! xx