Thursday 26 November 2015

Throwback Thursday: Embarrassing Pictures

We all love a good throwback, well I know I do anyway. What I love most about throwbacks is seeing how much I've changed over the years and wow there are so many embarrassing pictures. I look back and think why did I put so much make-up on? Why did I did I have duck lips? Why did I edit all of my pictures so much? But I also think wow, I've changed into a beautiful young lady and my past 'mistakes' make me the lady I am today!  

I have to say sorry for what you're about to see! Mega cringe on the way

 I thought I was so gangster with my hat and I remember having this as my profile picture on Bebo! I think I was around 13/14.
 I can't get over how photoshopped this picture is, I thought I was amazing at photoshop back in 2007 but I didn't know anything compared to now. I just cringe.
 What is this outfit!? I have to ask my mum but I'm totally against double denim, I think this is why! 
Duck lips and too much photoshop! This was 2008 and I can't get over my lips in this picture. It's so cringe.

Have you got any throwback pictures you're embarrassed of?


  1. I have photos that I dare not even share with my closest friends let alone on my blog! It's good you can share and reflect on them in a positive way :)

  2. Oh these pictures are adorable!! I have to say though, you haven't changed much lol I always cringe looking back at old pictures so I think it's great that you shared yours X

  3. haha, not so mega cringe as really cute! Love a good throwback!

  4. Ha ha ha..... I totally agree with Jaklien. You look so cute, not cringe at all! The double denim look is too adorable!
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