Sunday 10 November 2013

& we have a winner

We have two winners from my latest giveaway, They are Jayne Bojang and Alix Smith. Jayne Bojang is the winner of bundle one as I picked her first and Alix Smith is the winner of bundle two. 
 If you'd like to see the winners yourself on the app you can click here.
I have found it so hard finding a winner this time around, it was like everyone I picked had lied or had a private profile so I could confirm their entry.  I had three private Twitter accounts which meant I couldn't read the tweet, three people lied about signing up to 'unidays' (clearly not a student and my points on unidays hasn't gone up) and about 10 people who had filled out the copter incorrectly, they hadn't wrote the URL of their tweet, wrote something different to what I asked for and some where so cheeky they wrote the URL of something I had written and MY username where they should have left theirs. I'll post some of the examples below.  

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  1. i think some people genuinely dont understand how to fill in the rafflecopter correctly, and dont understand what urls are. especially those who are not very experienced with a computer ( like me ) and am learning as i go along, and then you have the deliberate cheats who will do anything to bag the prize. I didnt realise just how many do this, and there are loads. I hope your next giveaway is less hassle for you!

    1. Thank you, glad someone understand, I got a few messages saying how horrible I was with this post, i understand not everyone is good with these things and I'm going to adapt my next giveaway so it is easier for people and less hassle.

  2. Last time I did a rafflecopter, I had someone enter "please allow email entry" on every option. So they didn't even try and enter properly, and I had to delete loads of entries, where people said they had done something, but clearly hadn't.