Saturday 7 June 2014

14things//for2014 update #2

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1. Do an assignment as soon as I get it 
I tried again this semester and I may write like 500+ words then forget about it till the last minute and this nearly made me fail! The university site was down the whole day and I couldn't log on to submit my work or email my lecturers that this was the case, I finally submitted my work at 11:50pm which is 9minutes before the deadline. I am never doing that again, but on the other hand I handed in a 4 section assignment over a month before it was due so I guess I've stuck to this.

2. Get a 1st at university.  

I've honestly struggled this semester! This is because this semester has been marketing and economics, both of which I dislike. I got a first in a group assignment, I didn't even know you could do that haha because we were such a diverse group, we could never meet up as people had kids and had to work to pay rent and stuff it was a hard few weeks but we did it! I also got a first on the third assignment in marketing which I believe makes it an overall 1st! I am pretty chuffed about that. I often get a 1st and a 2:1 in assignments and the overall mark doesn't equal as a first. I've broke up from university now so I'm resting till October where I'll buckle down a bit more and secure them 1sts! I want to leave university with a 1st or upper second BA honors.
3. Make sure I go Amsterdam this year.

I've been to Amsterdam! It was amazing, you can check out my post about it here. I'd love to go back so I could do more and visit more areas of Amsterdam. I am planning to book a trip there again soon, not sure when but soon.

4. Get 1000 blog followers across GFC & Bloglovin’. 
I now have 692 followers across GFC & Bloglovin' I'm thinking of doing a big giveaway when I get to 1000+ followers and I'm pretty close, so close I can smell it haha.Don't forget to follow me if you don't already

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5. Write more often. 
I had been finding it so hard to write more often, I'm always so busy. Now I've finished university I have more time but I always have writers block or don't have anything to write about. I miss blogging and I come on my blog daily but I just don't write.

6. Work in partnership with a big brand.
I've not worked with a massive brand but I've had some good emails with some well known companies, some didn't fit right with my blog or wanted what I personally feel I can't give them like follow links but I know one day this year I will get to work with a company I love. I can feel it. As long as I keep working hard and start posting more.

7. Get a new job! 
I have applied for a few jobs in the last few months and I was lucky enough to get an interview with one of my favourite clothing stores. I got the job! Unfortunately I am now allowed to blog about them. It is going to be really hard as 90% of the time I am wearing their clothes.

 8. Buy less. 

With holidays coming up I've found it hard to buy less but I can honestly say everything I have bought is being used soon or already used. May was the worst month for me with three main birthdays so I've spent loads there. I'd say all in all I've done a good job at curving my spending.

9. Move out. 
I'm still not sure if I want to move out or not, I have the option to move out and spend £4000 on rent from September - July or stay at home and buy a car, insurance and drive to university everyday. It is really hard because insurance is about £3700 for me! That is the cheapest I've currently found and that is with the device inside the car that monitor my driving. :( It is a hard life. I guess I'll updated you on this when I know what I am doing.

 10. Forgive & Forget.

I've had an old friend try and come back in my life, I'd love to forgive and forget but he/she just dug a bigger hole. With my close friends I don't even let things make us fall out anymore, I instantly fix things as soon as they start to go sour which is a massive improvement for me. I'm a pretty moody cow these days so I can't believe they even put up with me.

11. Give to charity. 
I've personally not given to charity but at work all the tips we get go to charity so I've helped a little here. When work email us to say how much we gave to GOSH I will let you know, I remember last year it was £6200 from tips alone.

12. Learn Spanish. 
I've still been learning Spanish, ever so slowly. You can see my review of DK Spanish Language Learner here. It is currently my main source of learning, I'd say I'm doing okay, I'm still on basics though.

13. Lose weight. 
I've not thought too much about losing weight, I've stayed at the same weight for a while now and to me I'd rather stay the same weight than gain. I've been eating badly but I walk so much more than I once did so it balances out very well, I'm just not walking or exercising enough to then lose. I am thinking of going on a liquid/milk diet where you only drink high protein drinks and nothing else. I'll let you know how that goes! If I do it I'll be sure to blog about it, I know it will be hard.

14. Wear heels more. 
I've not had the need to wear heels, I've got a few birthdays coming up soon so can't wait to get the heels out.

This is a scheduled post I am on holiday
Have you done an update?

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  1. I think this is such an awesome post, I think like this a lot but I guess because of personal reasons I never get anything done but you miss awesome blogger have given me a reason to try. Great post :).