Tuesday 23 December 2014

14things//for2014 update update #3

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1. Do an assignment as soon as I get it 
I am in my second year of university now and this year really counts, I've only had one deadline and an exam so far but I have three assignments due in the early new year. I tried really hard with my first assignment to do it early but I couldn't, I get bored so easily and it isn't a module I am enjoying. I was actually sat there 10 minutes before the deadline at 12:20 in the morning still writing the assignment. Lucky for me I got it in before the deadline and I am still waiting for my grade.

 2. Get a 1st at university. 
I've not got any grades so far this year as I wrote above I've only had one assignment and an exam. I know I never got a 1st in my exam as it was finance and one question was 40% of the grade and I didn't answer it as I honest had no idea what it was about. 40% off my grade means the best I can do is get a low 2:1 but that would be if I got every other question correct. I am hoping to smash my other exam and assignment in finance to boost that grade up to a healthy 2:1. 

3. Make sure I go Amsterdam this year.  

I went, I posted about it here and I wrote about it in my last update. I miss Amsterdam so much and I'll 100% be going back next year. 

4. Get 1000 blog followers across GFC & Bloglovin’
As much as I wanted to meet this goal it isn't easy when you're not actively blogging. I currently have 334 GFC followers and 400 Bloglovin' followers. So 734 followers between the two sites. 

5. Write more often. 
You can see I've not been blogging often, I've been far too busy with university and work, any free time I get I spend with friends, family or sleeping. I'm going to try my hardest to write more this month and get back into the flow of things once I break up from university. 

 6. Work in partnership with a big brand. 
I've had a few emails again but nothing that I could follow up with, mainly someone wanting something for nothing or it didn't suit my blog completely. 

 7. Get a new job!

As I wrote in my last update, I have a new job now working in a clothing store. I just can't blog about it which is a shame.

8. Buy less.  
I've been spending so much the last few weeks, mainly due to Christmas but I've also been having some YOLO moments. I spend far too much money on coffee and food at university which needs to cut down and I've gone on a few nights out where I've spent a bit too much. £50 every time I go on starts to add up!

 9. Move out. 
I honestly can't afford London rent prices, it hurts me just thinking about paying £700+ a month to live in someone's house. 

10. Forgive & Forget. 
I still find it so hard to forget.

11. Give to charity. 
I've really not donated enough this year, I've not helped out or anything. I really need to sort myself out and give back. I may join the dry January next month in aid of cancer.

12. Learn Spanish

Hola! That is pretty much as deep as it runs right now. I just have no motivation to learn Spanish anymore, I have next to no free time and if I do I just want to sleep all the time. Maybe once I break up from university for the summer. I have seen a few cheap courses on Wowcher.

13. Lose weight.  
I've lost a little weight but most of the year I've been at the same weight, I know 2015 will be my year for weight loss, I am finally taking it seriously and I've bought a few summer times in three sizes smaller which is my first goal then I'll buy some winter items a size smaller than that in the hope I then lose a little more. 

14. Wear heels more. 
 I've worn them a few times but mainly heeled boots.

How did you do on your 14 things for 2014? Do you plan to make a list for 2015?
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  1. Interesting post. I speak spanish because I'm from Argentina :)